Long® Fence, a nationally recognized commercial fence contractor, provides perimeter security and access control products to business, industry and the government. Our name has become synonymous with quality products and dependable service since 1945.

At Long® Fence, we furnish and install commercial fencing and related products to fit all types of job requirements, from aesthetic applications to maximum-security or K-rated projects. We offer a variety of other amenities to increase the usability, functionality and protection of your environment.

Long® Fence plans, works with engineers, designs and constructs fence, crash barriers, gate and bollard systems rated K-4 to K-12 to provide security for the most critical sites. Non-rated systems are available for private industry and commercial sites that require anti-climb and anti-ram protection.

Our team of designers, craftsmen, installers and safety and quality control experts supports your dedicated project manager. We are committed to excellence in the design, execution, warranty and maintenance of your project.












A strong fence is the foundation of security for businesses and municipalities. Our commercial fences come in a variety of materials, including chain link, wood, vinyl, and iron. They have customizable heights and features, allowing you to make sure the fence meets your security or privacy needs. We offer both temporary and permanent fencing that balances security features with affordable costs.

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Commercial Fence Cascade
Temporary Fence Home cascade


Whether your business is hosting an event or undergoing construction, you will need temporary fencing to keep the public, your visitors, and your employees safe. We offer portable fence panels, gates, pedestrian barricades, temporary in-ground fencing, and anti-climb panels. All our products are perfect for crowd and vehicle control and trespass prevention.

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In addition to fencing, we offer manual and automatic gates. They provide the same level of security and customization as our fences. Anti-climb and anti-crash features are available for clients who desire an added layer of security. Our offerings include swing gates, slide gates, overhead track gates, vertical lifts, and barrier arms.

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Commercial Gate Cascade
Commercial Guardrails


Guardrails are an important safety feature on many roads. They protect drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in the event that a car veers off the road.

Long® Fence offers high-quality guardrail products made of wood, galvanized steel, or weathering steel (also known as COR-TEN steel). They are made to match the look and feel of the environment and meet the safety needs of the road. We service both highways and suburban or rural areas.

Our specialized guardrail teams work closely with transportation departments at the local, state, and federal levels to put up and maintain guardrails. Our guardrail services include construction, crash repairs, fire damage repair, and reconstruction or replacement.

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For environments where especially strict security measures must be enacted, Long® Fence constructs high-security structures. We construct fences with anti-climb features, such as barbed wire, razor wire, and palisade fencing, which curves upward at the top.

We also offer anti-crash features to protect pedestrian walk-areas. These features include bollards, which are steel posts capable of impeding a car, and cable crash barrier systems. Our anti-ram ornamental fences are pre-tested to meet government K-rated requirements and ensure maximum safety.

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High Security Commercial
Iron Handrail


Long® Fence creates custom ironworks and railings for businesses and municipalities. Railings are an essential safety feature on rooftops, balconies, stairs, and similar areas. We construct railings that meet both your individual needs and the International Building Code’s regulations, which specify the railing’s dimensions and location. We also take into account any local building codes.

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At Long® Fence, we recognize that many organizations value visual appeal as much as security and functionality. That’s why we offer a range of specialty metals, including steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, brass, and cable. Some of our products also incorporate glass. Our design experts create custom products that add beauty and life to any area.

Our specialty design products include sunscreens and canopies, trellises and pergolas, balcony or patio dividers, glass rails, and cable rails. We are also able to incorporate logos, designs, or other artwork into metal features using a plasma, laser, or water cutting process.

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Commercial Specialty Metals
Commercial Parks & Rec


Long® Fence designs and constructs a wide range of fencing and other structures for parks and recreational facilities. In addition to traditional fencing, we offer golf netting, fences for tennis courts and baseball fields, baseball dugouts and batting cages, pool fencing, and parking lot gates.

Our team ensures that our designs are functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing. We’re also committed to meeting all local code requirements while meeting the budgetary and functional needs of our clients.

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Long® Fence provides a wide range of services to commercial clients. In addition to the services listed above, we offer: Agricultural fences, access ramps, masonry, security cages, utility enclosures, community gates, pavers, decks, and trellises

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Commercial Other
Broken fence


Don’t leave your business vulnerable because of a damaged fence. A broken fence is more of an impediment than a barrier. Call our experts to find out what your options are and make a plan to get your perimeter security back to its normal state.

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“I am tremendously impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail the Long Fence team displayed at all times, and with the care the entire team took.”

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They didn’t try to oversell me, they did great work, and they finished on schedule (or really a bit early).

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I have been working with Long Fence for many years, their quality is second to none. Their work on my fence was exceptional, from sales to operations, everything ran smoothly and on time!

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