Long® Fence, a nationally recognized commercial fence contractor, provides perimeter security and access control products to all types of businesses, industries, and builders as well as local, state and federal government.The Long® Fence name has become synonymous with quality products and dependable service since 1945.

At Long® Fence, we furnish and install commercial fencing and related products to fit all types of job requirements, from aesthetic applications to maximum-security or K-rated projects. We offer a variety of other amenities to increase the usability, functionality and protection of your environment.

Long® Fence plans, engineers, designs and constructs fence, crash barriers, gate and bollard systems rated K-4 to K-12 to provide security for the most critical sites. Non-rated systems are available for private industry and commercial sites that require anti-climb and anti-ram protection.

Our team of designers, craftsmen, installers and safety and quality control experts supports your dedicated project manager. We are committed to excellence in the design, execution, warranty and maintenance of your project.







Anti-Crash Gate


Our anti-crash gates resist vehicular force and form a critical part of a complete perimeter security package.

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Give controlled access to your parking facility, gated community, or any commercial project where vehicular traffic needs to be regulated.

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Barrier Arm Gate
Cantilever Slide Gate


If you don’t have the space to swing a gate or your property has a grade that can’t handle a swing gate, a slide gate might be the answer. They can accommodate any size opening and placement.

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Similar to our cantilever gates, our overhead gates can replace swing gates, but without the need for a counterbalance. These can be motorized and provide access control from a security post.

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Overhead Track Gate
Swing Gate


Our custom swing gates provide controlled access and aesthetic appeal for most kinds of business sites.

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When space is limited on your commercial property, you can save by installing a vertical lift gate. We can construct these with a variety of materials in any size.

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Vertical Lift Gate

You are fortunate to have such top-notch staff working for you

Our salesperson was friendly, very professional and a pleasure to deal with. We had to postpone the fence installation date several months due to pool construction delays. Your scheduler was always prompt in returning my calls and was always willing to assist us. You are fortunate to have such top-notch staff working for you.

C. Talar-Williams – Silver Spring, MD